Who We are


Hey Y’all!

I’m Sloane. I was born and raised here in the Lowcountry. I have a passion for serving women and started The Exchange to do just that. I have worked in medicine for over ten years and I’ve seen this piece of wellness care missing… a space for women who want the option of holistic care while they are considering pregnancy, are pregnant, or are just momming hard every day. A space to go to for support and care. A space to build up their village.

I have been blessed to meet other women who see the opportunity to make a difference in birth outcomes for women in the Charleston area and have the desire to provide this care. We are building up a village for you… we hope you feel the love and support through these pages.


SLOANE is completing her course as a CAPPA certified childbirth educator. She completed her undergraduate degree at Clemson (GO Tigers!) and her graduate degree at The Medical University of South Carolina. She has practiced as a physician assistant in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecology Oncology, and Neurosurgery. Her deepest passion is to connect with you and help you learn how to prepare for pregnancy, how to create an environment that will offer you the best chance to have the pregnancy, labor and birth that you desire, and how to care for your self - mind, body, and spirit. You can sign up for classes with Sloane that discuss preconception, childbirth, and Mother Care.

HONOR Hawkins is a wellbeing coach with a unique approach that helps busy women get out of survival mode and feel vibrantly well - mind : body : spirit- so they can create a life they love.

Dr. CARY DeSmidt has her doctorate in chiropractic from Texas with a major in biology from Chicago. Passionate about quality of health in women, infants, and family, she helps clients heal the source of inflammation with alternative health solutions. She specializes in perinatal care with advanced Webster Technique, developmental neurobiology, neuroimmunology, cupping, Meridian Assessment Testing (kinesiology, muscle testing based), cranial adjusting (for plagiocephaly, post-concussion, autism),  chiropractic evaluation, adjusting protocols, and epigenetic brain-gut health for the peri-postnatal period of mom and babe. 

Dr. CONNIE Guille is the director of The MUSC Women’s Reproductive Behavioral Health Program. She is a psychiatrist and has a deep desire to care for women when they are struggling to care for themselves.

Dr. Megan Rome is passionate about helping women in Charleston overcome any issues currently limiting their full potential. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Women's Wellness involving Pelvic Health and Breast Cancer. She has traveled throughout the United States to continue to learn, educate and pursue her passion within the Women’s Wellness area while staying up-to-date with new and groundbreaking research. Supporting a variety of patients, she is dedicated to serve the Charleston community to the best of her ability! She helps moms who want to get back to working out safely and effectively without issues after having a baby. Working closely with those with bladder leakage, she empowers women to control their bladder without having to wear diapers or search for the nearest bathroom to prevent accidents. She also aims to help women who are having pelvic pain or pain with intercourse. Megan is a great resource to have to answer questions or concerns when having Women's Health related issues!

ANDREA Cohen is a doula and prenatal yoga teacher. She wants all women to feel empowered, supported, informed, and most of all, happy with their birth experience. She hopes to contribute to more gentle births, more natural births, more women understanding that they are capable, and less fear around birthing. Their bodies are intelligent and miraculous, just like their baby. She hopes to offer loving energy to the parents so they can feel calm and assured. 

VALERIE Demasi is a Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT and Certified Infant Massage Instructor who loves caring for mamas. She provides massage therapy services for you during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum. She can also provide massage services for your babe!

LISA Abernathy is an acupuncturist and herbalist. She and her team are heart-centered, patient-focused, result-oriented and dedicated to your growth, healing and well-being.