Education is the way to unlearn what society has taught you about your body. Taking a childbirth education class will help you rediscover your instincts during birth. Whether you choose a midwife or an OBGYN, a hospital birth or a water birth in a birth center, we want to help you claim your birth as your own. We offer childbirth education, preconception classes, and mama-care classes.



2 Hours

We discuss ways to maximize your potential to conceive. We will discuss creating the most friendly environment for a new pregnancy possible, including diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes for both partners or next steps in your conception journey. $100. Offered by Sloane.

If you are interested in any of these class offerings, either in a group or individual setting, please email us at to discuss available dates!


ChildBirth Education Full Day


This full-day course meets once. We discuss caring for your body and preparing for labor, comfort measures during all labor stages, ways your partner can help you, informed decision making, things you need to know during and after birth, what advocating for yourself looks like, breastfeeding and creating a village of your own after baby. $175/couple. Offered by Sloane.

Mama-care class

EVERY WEEK • 1 Hour, 4 Weeks

Your sweet baby is here! Now what? This is a one hour, once a week class that meets for 4 weeks. We recommend you take it during your fourth trimester, bring that babe and meet some other new mamas.

We discuss hurdles for new moms, caring for yourself, caring for baby, nursing, sleeping, bonding, keeping your relationship healthy during the early months, and creating your village of support for your family. $125. Offered by Sloane.


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